About Us

MSG24 is a notable organization in the mason of Digital Marketing Domain. We are the chief Premium Bulk SMS, Voice Call, Whatsapp Service Provider in India since 2010. The corporation has united its existence in the messaging industry and has been delivering valued bulk SMS gateway services to the clients. We are India’s chief end-to-end mobile marketing service provider that caters to corporates and individuals. We are offering numerous types of SMS Gateway Services and other text messaging solutions for companies and individuals, mainly focusing on Promotional Bulk SMS, Transactional Bulk SMS, Voice Call Service, IVR(Interactive Voice Response) Services, customized Missed Call Alert Service, Toll-Free Services, Web development, Android Development, Software Services, Web-Based Services, Desktop Based Application and Mobile Application Service provider that will give you the 100% return of your investment. We are your only corporate partner for India as well as for international SMS services. We are the worldwide player in Mobile Marketing Solutions Services.

Paybacks of Our Company Services-

Bulk SMS Services is mainly a marketing tool that offers a number of distinct benefits over other media like newspapers, TV, magazines, radio, and internet.

•    SMS reaches users instantly without being too interfering with a phone call.

•    It can be delivered to individuals irrespective of time as well as location. In case, if the phone is switched off, the SMS will be received at the moment when the phone is switched on.

•    The messages through SMS services will surely reach the users, regardless of whether the user wants to read it or not. On the other hand, if you choose to send messages using e-mail, your messages will only end up in the spam folder.

•    Most people carry their mobile phones with them where they go. This is the faster & quicker advantage over Television or any other medium of communicating to the users.

•    Bulk SMS regularly keeps you in touch with your customers in a new personalized way.

•    It makes them respond immediately to the received message send through bulk SMS services.

•    You can also get to know about the customers’ feedback immediately using Missed Call Services and IVR(Interactive Voice responses) Services. If they show their interest in your message, thus you can have a more accurate idea of the success of your marketing approach.

•    With our Bulk SMS Services, you don’t need to laboriously send messages to each and every recipient. You can easily send messages to lots of people on one click.

•    You do not need any extraordinary infrastructure or exclusive technologies to implement sent SMS services. It will pay you as you go.

  • Bulk SMS services are much economical than advertising on Television or on Radio.

  • We are highly experienced in offering offshore Web development, Android Development, Software Services, Web-Based Services, Desktop Based Application and Mobile Application Services.